Mission: Statement.

Graffiti in all its glorious indecency has been my best friend for many years now. I find peace, meaning and an overwhelming sense of freedom in both its act and documentation. Such cerebral values to derive from an art form perpetually pegged as juvenile and of inconsequential importance! Perhaps it was this societal indifference that attracted me to the world of graffiti and continues to captivate me and my camera lens to this day over 15 years later.

Please take some time to visit the thousands of photos I have uploaded prior to the existence of this page at:

< <F L I C K R . C O M / D I S C O B R Y S O > >

Thank you to all the writers, the teachers, the Flickr & Facebook friends that have supported, encouraged and helped me to grow as an artist and person. 2 1 2 0 6, we out here!


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