On The Outs.

Clockwise – SektTHR, Kerse(RIP), Kart, & CoreBTM. ’97-ish.

Part 1 of the DISCOBRYSO.COM exclusive photo leak titled, Back in High School…

A local crew sprung up in the late ’90’s called OTO, which, then, stood for On The Obituary or On The Outs. The crew was and always has been a tightly knit of true school writers that will forever remain close friends. Approximately 1998 they began releasing a B&W zine, “Against The Grain” which to this day is an extremely relevant & impressive publication.

Lohs RM, one of the crew’s founders, was a fountainhead of graffiti knowledge & history; growing up in a reality where the first tag I ever caught said, “Buster” (thanks for the name, Jayna) experiencing the more Caucasian side of graffiti was quite a trip. And in the midst of high school machismo, seeking out knowledge can make you seem like a toy. Whatever his reasons Lohs was always willing to school some punk toys and preach the graffiti sermon without prejudice. I’ll never forget that.

So when I decided, foolishly, I wanted to publish a book documenting the development of a “NW Style” of graffiti whom better to reach out to then the OTO family. G-Fresh lent his stockpile of graffiti ephemera to me in the Winter of ’09 and I scanned as much of it as I could. A tremendous debt of gratitude goes out to Mr. G-Fresh as his contributions are truly remarkable and how prescient of him to keep his collection in such pristine condition. This raw scan of 4 photos are all from this collection.

His attitude towards sharing these resources says a lot about what I want this project to be. When I contacted him asking if I could post some of the very rare and special photos from his collection he responded,

“Go ahead, that’s what they’re there for.”

Dedicated to all the OTO’s that lit the spark of curiosity that’s kept me intrigued by graffiti art for so long. Nasty, Lohs, Gwar, Mong, Osek, Shito…ONLY.TWO.OH6


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