Back in High School, Vol. 2

Adek/Nasir — 1999ish.

I could write pages about Adek’s many graffiti accomplishments and the milestones that have contributed to his phenomenal legacy, but I have mixed feelings. See, Adek doesn’t like me. He told me so, more or less. Were we to be face-to-face, I’m sure he would have told me with his fists.

But this is not a blog to slander and air dirty laundry, I only mention this because in spite of our disagreements (whatever those might have been) I still have a tremendous amount of respect for this man’s heart and graffiti. If I had to choose a writer who most embodies the entire spirit of this craft, in its modern incarnation, it would be Adek. Freight writers, wheat pasters, sticker artists and hard core bombers alike all recognize Adek’s talent, dedication and incredible perseverance. Adek has been painting graffiti illegally on the streets of Planet Earth for close to 20 years, and no street bomber can yet lay claim to his undisputed title as King of Illegal Graffiti.

Who would have thought a style initially pushed by an obscure local hero, Doke CD, maybe 15 years ago would become the foundation for the world famous throw-up we know and love today. Here’s to Adek, Doke and all the classic mid/late-90’s CDFamilia: Ern, Flare, Gosa, Def, Dkae, Berst, Dise!, Bane, Chek, Smoke, Huge, Plus (RIP)…

I never forget.


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