RIP Dash Snow (Sace).

by Jesse Edwards, 2009.

I met Dash Snow at a party in Fort Greene during an unrecognizable season of the year 2002, I believe. Nevertheless I can recall the impression he made on me. Having been more than familiar with his graffiti on the streets I noted that he seemed to know everyone at the party without being overbearing.

In 2009 it was with incredible sadness that I read about Dash’s passing and mourned yet another fast living American adolescent to be consumed by the overwhelming momentum of this lifestyle. No one wants to talk about the undeniable link between graffiti writers and drug use. For some reason this topic is taboo amongst a culture of outlaws. Strange isn’t it that we can openly discuss felonious acts of all kinds and yet to associate one’s death with its actual cause is deemed inappropriate. As someone who has admittedly had his own battles with substance abuse and lost 3 very close family members to opiate related fatality in a short span of time, I speak from the heart. These deaths are preventable, real and tragic. Be aware, be careful, be alive.

I miss all of the characters that contributed, large & small, to my current personage. Dash Snow, Sace, wherever you are, may you enjoy this endless peace.

Read about Dash’s incredible story in the infamous 2007 NYMag feature:

Jesse Edwards painted this portrait of Dash in tribute to his memory on top of the Deitch Project which housed a massive display of Sace’s artwork and contributions from friends. The documentation of this show helped me to understand and give me a sense of purpose within the graffiti world. View my set of photos from the exhibit here:


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