The Last BTM Photo… Ever.

In the last week I’ve been inundated with posts on my Flickr page insinuating that I’m a “snitch” or giving “personal info” to your homie or girlfriend about members of BTM. Not only that, but I’ve been called out publicly on the streets by a particular BTM writer for rather trivial reasons.

Furthermore I have been fighting this assumption, for years, that I ride BTM’s jock. That I should feel horrible about myself for worshiping mere mortals. To all of these ridiculous accusations I owe no explanation. I’ve probably never met your homie, girlfriend, priest or mechanic. Not to mention the lot of you who truly believe I spend all of my waking hours dreaming about BTM. You crazy?

I have nothing to prove. (Now that’s crazy)

So you don’t like my graffiti. So you don’t like me. The feeling, dare I say, is more than likely mutual. But let that not prevent us from hearing the truth. Or at least the truth that I can get away with sharing and not be labeled as a “snitch” “mark” “rat” “punk”….

I’ve been here, on the internet, for over a decade. I’ve used the same name since the early days of The Writer’s Forum at 12oz. Prophet. If you Google “Disco Bryso” that is more than likely what you will find: posts on 12oz. commenting on the history of graffiti in my hometown. I remember sitting in the library of my high school (a school that many writers you say I “jock” attended as well) scouring ArtCrimes. If any of them can accurately recall who was up in school from 96-98, they will remember that I was one of the most active writers in a metropolitan high school that produced some of the biggest street bombing names in the country. Nevertheless, I wasn’t ever particularly talented but certainly made a name for myself (even if one with a mediocre reputation). And that produced a certain amount of animosity as well. This ultimately led to my expulsion due to an anonymous tip from one of my so-called peers.

Even to the writers closest to me, I was never well liked. So, it doesn’t surprise me that hostility directed towards Disco has again become en vogue. It is however tiring. For the record, I was snitched on. Never in a million years would you catch me dropping info, gossiping, or dry snitching. Most importantly not on any BTM writer. Additionally, where is the  motive? How can I both “jock” and “snitch” on the same people at the same time? Or am I just that good at lying?

The crew means a lot to me. I’ve never claimed to be in BTM, down with BTM, or even cool with the crew as an organization. I do claim to have friends that write for BTM. Some are witnesses to my own dirty hands. Apparently there exists a contingent that disapprove of my actions. And it is their desire to see me hurt, stopped or just generally fucked with that has brought about this post.

I just don’t care anymore; I am remarkably unfazed. Even the dude who makes  the “Fuck Bry___” stickers still gets flicked and uploaded on the daily. Now, what does that mean?

I’ve never harbored any ill will to anyone that pushed it, even when they have openly bashed me. I’ve never slandered someone’s name, belittled their hard work or talked shit anonymously behind a name that wasn’t mine.

I know exactly the risks they take, because I take them. I know exactly the consequences they face, because I face them. We are the same despite what they might want to believe. I have never been in a crew. They have ALWAYS been in a crew. Now, what does that mean?

This isn’t retaliation for all the recent haters. It is just simply time to go. Taking flicks of BTM graffiti truly helped me grow as a photographer and my pictures in particular will always have a unique place in the world of graffiti photography (BTM is in no small part responsible for being able to make such a bold claim).

So, I believe, that’s enough. I have yet to hear a coherent argument as to why I am an outsider, phony, poser or what-have-you; and, I doubt I ever will. Because, this. This is as real as it gets.

I hope to develop into an even better photographer now that my subject matter will have self-imposed limitations. I have no doubt it will only push me to create more compelling images from new angles and perspectives. Any future appearances will be purely incidental.



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