Exclusive Preview – “100 Paintings” by OBLVN

OBLVN’S ‘100 PAINTINGS’, his first East Coast solo showcase, will open to the public in typical LES fashion (you know: youths, off-label beer, lots of glasses not so many prescriptions) this Saturday, March 10 beginning at 6PM.

*  *  *

I was given the indescribable pleasure of meeting with Aaron this afternoon. Other than a much shorter encounter but a few days prior I had never met him. A mutual friend of ours put us in contact after some of the action shots I worked on in Seattle generated minor attention. I spent but a couple of hours at most with Mr. OBLVN as he is known in the creative hemispheres.

What struck me the most about him is his reserved, almost shy demeanor. He is not boisterous or hyperactive. He is considerate and intentional. I find these characteristics apparent in his artwork as readily as in his personage. Mostly though, Aaron is a decent and kind human being and this is a quality that all too often is cast aside in the worlds of street art and gallery art. Luckily for us, this too is observable in what he produces. For even with the most nefarious subject matter, say a syringe or a switchblade, Aaron has a disposition that creates objectively appealing images. I would argue it is this subtle wholesomeness that will inevitably carry him into the mainstream.

I selected the above image as the feature since it is my personal favorite. I am a die hard romantic, sadly. And there’s an emotion and sentimentality that is expressed particularly well. The minimal imagery is delicate and the literal subject is one I identify with all too well.

Obviously that is just 1 of 100 paintings. It is of the larger format which is reasonably priced at $300. The smaller images, which matted measure 5″ X 7″ are offered at $200. Take a look at a small preview of a dozen or so images from the show:


Special thanks to Aaron of OBLVN.COM for granting me access behind the velvet curtain. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for us to support the true pioneers of this craft we all enjoy today. I personally have been influenced by his work on and off the street in untold ways for over a decade! May he continue to find whatever success he desires.

* * *

Info about the show itself can be found on the Klughaus Gallery website, here:



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