Disco Bryso’s Museum of Graffiti Curiosities

This is a custom printed vinyl sticker made by Noxer_DOD. I acquired this in trade from an anonymous source for an unspecified ransom. Part of what I love about living in NYC is the vast multitude of personalities participating in this culture of ours. I would never have cultivated such a network of talented artists were I to have remained at home in the Pacific NW. And, that more than all else, is why I stay. This is where I can have the largest impact on the community that built and developed me from an introverted, socially awkward teen into an incredibly confident, outgoing ambassador of illegal graffiti art.

A close friend of mine, and a legendary graffiti artist in his own right, once paraphrased prevailing KGB philosophy, “the KGB is 90% participants and 10% supporters”. He equated me, then, to the 10% of the supporting staff. He meant this as a compliment, though, and I took it as one. I felt honored that someone of his stature would even acknowledge the contributions of a hobbyist photographer like me. It is terribly sad that beliefs like his are not the norm. Supporters like myself are scarcely found in the community as it takes great strength and fortitude to endure the harsh criticisms of the peanut gallery that is the graffiti world. I can’t count the number of anonymous threats I’ve received. But, that won’t stop me from participating in my own way until the day I die.

* * *

If you read my previous post then you know that I was honored to spend the day with Lush. Of the many topics that were covered in our conversations was my dream of someday opening a museum located in NYC that serves as a living testament to the history of graffiti art. Obviously my own collection would prove to be a literal drop in the bucket, but I still acquire pieces occasionally that I envision someday might be housed there.

This sticker by Nox is such an example. Rare, I think maybe a dozen were printed; beautiful, it’s damn impressive in person; and authentic, it’s not Picasso’s palette, it’s a piece of real graffiti made by a real graffiti artist that speaks to the contemporary trends of the era in which it was produced. I got the better end of this trade, believe me.

The table it sits on is another example of such a piece. Tags by Adek, Tetra & Este; there are tributes to Sure, Musk & Erie, as well as some outstanding representations of true West Coast handstyle funk. When I carried this table home across several modes of transportation, I smiled the whole time. I felt like I had saved a piece of history (in fact, I did save it moments before garbage collection on the LES); and that sensation is the inspiration for the future museum.

Donations, graciously, accepted.


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