First ever Graffiti Church! This Sunday!

Let me begin with an apology. I am the worst blogger ever. I’ve neglected all the other social networking portals in favor of the ubiquitous Instagram. I avoided it because I always preferred Flickr and it’s clear respect for resolution and quality, but the IG community is a bit more vocal in its support of my photos. And, it’s a lot easier to tag/group them. To those who have been following my photography since the days of Flickr, I thank you for your encouragement and loyalty. I’ve become better through constantly practicing, and I have the dedication to do so because I know that my pictures mean a lot to some of you. And even more, I know that some of the best graffiti artists in the world have come to appreciate MY work through Instagram.

I’ve met a lot of graffiti photographers in NYC individually, but never wanted or cared enough to try to get everyone together on a regular basis. I’ve been walking on Sundays with breakthings, maybe once a month, and we recently stumbled across a physical church on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. This was the moment which inspired the idea behind the Graffiti Church. I like to walk, talk and take photos of graffiti. I know for a fact there are dozens of people in this city who also like to do those things. I’m not a religious person, but graffiti is my life.

The idea is, of course, to help spread the gospel of graffiti. To help others be as enthused about documenting the work of graffiti artists as I am. The more people out there, doing what I do, the better. All that said, come out! Join me and the fellow parishioners of the newly founded Graffiti Church this Sunday for the best, free!, walking tour of New York City. Sponsored by Disco Bryso.

RSVP via e-mail to: for more details. Chuuuuuuch!


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