NuArt Festival 2013 – Stavanger, Norway

Maybe I’m getting old. I used to believe that graffiti wasn’t real unless it were done illegally. To me, the concept of asking permission was foreign and violated the integrity of spirit that defines so much of what some might call, “real” graffiti. Much to the dismay of the stalwart graffiti purist, I’ve lately become more consciously involved and actively aware of street art as a viable means of public self-expression.

As I’ve said, maybe I’m getting old.

With that in mind, it was not without adequate consideration before I decided to feature a selection of the non-graffiti artwork created for the annual mega-festival called NuArt. What impressed me most about the festival was the diverse array of artists from a smattering of street art genres and representing locales around the world. NuArt is an international festival in every sense.

From the official NuArt 2013 website:

“Nuart is an annual international street art festival established in 2001 with a focus exclusively on Street Art since 2005. The Festival is based in Stavanger on the West Coast of Norway. In addition to a multitude of both sanctioned and unsanctioned public art works. Nuart also stages one of the most anticipated exhibitions of the year.”

Photo Credit: Jess Traviglia


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