Art Basel: Miami – 2012

I’ve had several recent inquiries whether I’d be attending Art Basel in Miami this year. Unfortunately, I’ve decide against migrating south to join the hordes of fellow artists, photographers and party people that are currently descending upon the Wynwood Arts District. However, this did provide inspiration to devote a bit of time sorting through my archive of shots from last year’s gathering.

So, in honor of this annual celebration of our art & culture, I thought it appropriate to recap some notable highlights of the 10 days I spent documenting the madness of Art Basel: Miami – 2012. From Guns’ vicious decimation of high-profile Wynwood street spots; to Jick’s mischievous attack on murals of all kinds; or local heroes DZ & Soduh representing for the 305 with a barrage of throw-ups that became ubiquitous by week’s end. Whether you’re a devout purveyor of grimy street bombing, or you prefer the (technically) elevated aesthetic of fancy pieces, Art Basel: Miami – 2012 was overflowing with quality contributions to all aspects of graffiti’s craft.

One can only hope that Art Basel: Miami – 2013 is equally as momentous and exciting. Enjoy the weekend, Basel-goers!

Ouch MLS

Ouch MLS in action

Guns FTL

Guns FTL

Vor138 DBI

Vor138 DBI (character by Mast TGE)



Daks D30

Doctor Daks D30

Snoeman RB

Snoeman RB

Rime MSK

Rime MSK on the Klughaus U-Haul

DZ D30

Playboy DZ Dirty30

Soduh WGE

Soduh WGE

SP One

SP One


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