Disco Bryso is an NYC-based photographer focused primarily on capturing images of graffiti and everyday life on the dynamic New York streets. His work has been featured in publications such as Juxtapoz, Clout, Vice Magazine, 12ozProphet, The Seattle Times, Frank151 and many others. He finds inspiration by walking daily and exploring abandoned, or undesirable areas without hesitation. His mission is to capture the otherwise hidden beauty of the commonplace, gritty, dilapidated and destitute.

As of September 2013, he has shot in excess of 1 million photos and shared nearly 20,000 of those to Instagram, Flickr and other social media. Recently he has begun releasing self-published zines including his own, “Operation: Blackout”, Nox’s “Tales of Defense” & Trap’s “Ikonik Figure”. He hopes to one day compile and produce an inclusive volume of his prolific work. Visit http://discobryso.bigcartel.com/ to purchase a copy of the previously mentioned titles.

His bi-weekly, feature-length column presented in collaboration with Vice Magazine, “Writer’s Block”, can be read here: vice.com/columns/writers-block


Disco Bryso would like to thank you all for your continued support, encouragement and enthusiasm.

flickr.com/discobryso // instagram.com/discobryso // email: discobryso@gmail.com


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