One Track Mind Response

I wanted to include the following e-mail for a few reasons. 1.) I think it’s incredibly awesome that something I put out on the internet could make its way to so many people. 2.) This is human, civilized communication. For every e-mail I get like this, I get 20 angry, poorly written (occasionally threatening) paragraphs of gibberish. 3.) I’d like to demonstrate that I’m not above admitting I’m wrong. Moreover, to concede it so blatantly.

Thanks to JES446 for the kind words!

This be the editor from One Track Mind. I noticed you put up our Adek interview from way back and would like to throw out a shout for that and for the kind words you gave about our magazine. I checked your flickr page, and much props for what you’re doing. There is one thing that I would like to ask of you though. I read on your main pageĀ  that our mag is “Montana-published.” This is definitely NOT true. They did put a small adĀ  in two of the issues, but that’s it. We are not affiliated with Montana. The main publisher of our mag is/was Jonah in the Whale. If did not want to write that, then you could just say a San Francisco based mag. If you could make that change on your site, it would be much appreciated.